Geekware is inspired by the vision of bringing a transformational change towards sustainable utillization of resources within IIT Indore by creating an entire student driven market of buying-selling goods and services.


The mission of Geekware is to create a market, driven by the principles of sustainability and the three Rs of environmental protection, within the campus of IIT Indore in which the trader can easily sell reusable commodities at the return of availing goods and services of his/her benefits whereas the customer can conviniently buy the goods of his requirement at lower prices through the medium of geekware, eventually spearheading the transformational growth inside the IIT Indore community. Parallely, it aims to facilitate the student life at the campus with virtual as well as material support. Furthermore, it also aims at creating a virtuous cycle between the company and the students by making the later as the shareholders of the firm ultimately creating an entire student-driven sustainable community.

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Vibhor Pandhare


"Geekware is not just a start up, it's a philosophy, it's a way of life."

Kaushik Barodiya


"We want to take Geekware to the centre-stage of IIT Indore."

Kalash Agarwal

Operations in-charge

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Kishore Rajendra

Aashish Aaryan

Parul Gupta

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